Oct 15, 2007 5:30 PM

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Beginning with all cases which have '341 meetings scheduled on 04/29/2011 and thereafter, THERE IS A NEW POLICY REGARDING DOCUMENT PRODUCTION.  Upon the filing of your case, you will receive an automated email directing you to use TrusteCollaborative to upload your document production to our server.  This will eliminate the possibility of a document production email being lost in my office or in our failure to upload your email in a timely fashion.  The responsibility for delivery and uploading those documents as outlined on the "Debtor Document Production" page herein is yours.  The timeline has not changed and neither have the documents requested.  The only difference is that you will no longer email your document production to my office, rather you will have access to our server for you to complete your responsibility to provide the required documents.


If you believe you are having difficulties with the new procedure for providing document production in any case set for '341 meeting on 04/29/2011 and thereafter, please contact me and I will try to answer your questions.



By clicking on the various pages listed across the top of this page, you will find links to information offered by the United States Trustee and the Bankruptcy Courts as well as information relevant to our procedures and some of my expectations as it relates to our '341 meetings.  At a minimum, you will always find those items on the website and the calendar for our next panel of '341 meetings will always be posted.


My office contact information is also on each page and I urge you to use it.  If you need to continue a '341 meeting, send me an email with your reasons for the request.  Do not file a Motion to Continue with the Court as the resetting of '341 meetings is a matter for the Trustee or U.S. Trustee, not the Court.  If your request for a continuance is granted, your case will most likely be reset for our next regularly scheduled set of meetings, i.e., the 2nd Tuesday of the following month at 10:30 a.m.  Absent extraordinary circumstances, I will not continue a '341 meeting twice.


I welcome your emails with any recommendations for ways to increase the website’s usefulness to you as a bankruptcy professional or debtor consumer of bankruptcy services.   Please offer any suggestions you may have to increase the value of my website to you and your colleagues, but note that your use of this website does not create an attorney-client relationship between us.


Thank you.




Randall L. Woodruff

Ch. 7 Trustee